The Minnesota Concrete Council (MCC) has sponsored several research projects which have addressed the needs of our members. The MCC Research Committee is committed to continue to provide research studies that further the technological advancement of the ready mix concrete industry and that provide technical advice to its members.


One of the first studies that the MCC Research Committee worked on was "Best Practices to Resist Popouts." The results of this study were presented at an MCC meeting.

but_first.pngSurface Popout Research Project


Another collaborative study the research committee performed was "Optimum Slab-on-Ground Concrete." MCC partnered with the Target Corporation in conducting a laboratory and field phase study. The findings of this study were published in the July 2012, "Concrete International Magazine of the American Concrete Institute." The findings were also presented to the MCC members.

but_first.pngConcrete International Optimum Slab on Ground Concrete

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The most extensive research MCC sponsored was the Concrete Durability Study. The original intent of this research was to conduct a comprehensive study which would prepare our local industry for the increased use of recyclable by-products. The research was a collaborative effort by a diverse group of MCC members which included a laboratory study and a large field study over three phases. The findings of this study were published in the very first "International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies" and presented in Coventry, UK in 2007. This research was also presented at the University of Minnesota Concrete Conference in 2008 and to the MCC members in 2009.

but_first.pngEstablishing Optimum Mixture Proportions for Concrete Durability Using Supplementary Cementitious Material

but_first.pngMCC Optimal Durability Study - Phase 1

but_first.pngOptimal Durability Study Phase I Results Presentation

but_first.pngOptimal Durability Study Information Presentation

but_first.pngMCC Cementitious Durability Study Literature Review


At times, the MCC Research Committee has spent time on reviewing different research that has already been completed by others. See below for a list of various literature reviews that have been completed.

but_first.pngLiterature Review, Portland-Limestone Cement Revised

but_first.pngSealers and Scaling Literature Review

but_first.pngMCC Cementitious Durability Study Literature Review

but_first.pngMCC RCA Lit Review