WEBINAR - Mass Concrete Constructability

Mass concrete (or thermally controlled concrete) typically requires implementing thermal control measures to reduce maximum temperature and mitigate temperature difference. Specified temperature limits and thermal control requirements can affect mix design proportions, materials selection, reinforcement details, construction operations and compliance to specifications for the work. Many specifications still limit concrete temperatures to overly conservative default values without recognizing concrete properties and performance that allow alternative temperature limits more suitable for the specified work while maintaining quality and improving constructability. This issue frequently results in challenging scenarios that create design difficulties and unnecessary constructability problems for mass concrete. This presentation focuses on the implementation of today’s knowledge of mass concrete and best practices to overcome mass concrete challenges and facilitate solutions in projects. A special emphasis will be given to the technical updates provided for mass concrete requirements and guidance progressing in North America industry standards.

The presenter will be Oscar R. Antommattei, MS, PE, FACI  (Chief Concrete Engineer & Materials Engineering Manager, Kiewit)


April 22, 2021
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