The Minnesota Concrete Council’s Board of Directors will review grant applications made by MCC members, students, student organizations, college and university professors and others on an as-need basis.

MCC is proud to expand its giving program to include grants of up to $1,000 that are intended to provide financial assistance to its members and student organizations who are interested in developing skills, expanding knowledge, or advancing career development in the cast-in-place concrete construction related industry.  The Minnesota Concrete Council will consider a wide range of requests for grant funding.  If you have questions about your request, please email info@mnconcretecouncil.com

You can download the grant application HERE.  Grant requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  Funding is budgeted on an annual basis.  MCC's fiscal year follows the regular calendar.

Grants file folder on laptop keyboard


Please contact MCC’s Administrator, Priscilla Conway, for grant request information.  You can download the grant application HERE.