Our Mission

The Minnesota Concrete Council (MCC) is dedicated to advancing education, technical practice, scientific investigation and research into cast-in-place construction by organizing the efforts of its members for a non-profit public service.

MCC was created to bring proven methods and new ideas together, to educate its members on how to improve the quality and use of concrete in structures, and to educate decision-makers on the benefits of quality concrete construction.

One of the keys to MCC's success is its diverse membership. Because suppliers, contractors, designers and owners participate at monthly meetings and on its board of directors, and address current issues as topic speakers and participants on MCC research projects, we are able to bring together the best of talent and materials, in a highly fragmented industry, and work on a common goal of improving the quality of concrete for the end user.




Over 1,500 people have attended MCC continuing education programs in 2022. MCC provided over 20 hours of professional development hours (continuing education) opportunities in 2022. MCC hosted six breakfast meetings, and additional site tour opportunities. 


In January, 2023, MCC awarded seven scholarships to students in Construction Management and Engineering Programs. The Construction Management Scholarships went to Jeremy O'Connor, Hans Stelpfulg, and Cindy Wuddah.
The Terry Swor Honorary Engineering Scholarships were awarded to Matthew Kassella, Chandler Lallak, Noah Struck, and Genevieve Tester.
The Minnesota Concrete Council also donated $1,000 to the Concrete Industry Management Program at South Dakota State University. 


The current MCC study that the research committee is working on is "Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete." The study explores concrete made from two different sources - recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and crushed concrete aggregate (CCA) at two different replacement rates.