Webber - Natural Filtration Swimming Pool


The first in North America to use a bio-engineered simulated wetlands, rather than chemicals, to cleanse water. The pool uses a combination of filtration, bacteria, and microorganisms that feed on harmful bacteria and aquatic plants that extract nutrients that can degrade water quality. All together, the pool holds 500,000 gallons of water, recycled every 12 hours. During the recycling process, the water streams through biological filters into a nearby regeneration basin. The basin contains about 7,000 aquatic plants, of 36 different species, rooted in layers of limestone and granite to keep the pool clean. In addition to the filters and plants, the pool is vacuumed daily. Then fresh water is pumped back into the pool, which can hold a capacity of 500 swimmers.

Details: Demolition of existing pool & parking lot and construction of a new 22,500 S.F. natural filtration pool, 16,250 S.F. regeneration basin & pond, pump house, etc. The pool features four sections: a nearly four-foot deep upper pool, 6-foot deep lower pool, a jumping platform and a lap pool, which serves as a training space for amateur swimmers. L.S. Black Constructors, Inc. also executed a 'sister' project involving the creation the Webber Pool Bathhouse.

Project Team Members:
Owner:Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Architect of Record: Landform
Engineer of Record: Engineering Design Initiative
General Contractor: L.S. Black Constructors, Inc.
Concrete Contractor: L.S. Black Constructors, Inc.
Concrete Supplier: Cemstone Products Company
Testing Agency: Braun Intertect
Location: Minneapolis, MN