ACI Concrete Flatwork Associate and Advanced Concrete Flatwork Finisher Certification Review and Written Examination

Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain the ACI Flatwork Finisher Certification. This valued and important certification is specified in many projects across the US. The Minnesota Concrete Council is pleased to be able to offer this certification program to the Minnesota concrete community.


March 23, 2021 at 7:30 am


Braun Intertec
10900 Hampshire Ave South
Bloomington, MN 55438


Cost of the program is $415 per person and includes the ACI Flatwork Finisher workbook (CP-10), test and lunch.


ACI will grant certification to those applicants who obtain a passing grade on the written examination, and either: A. Possess one year (1500 hours) of approved flatwork related work experience and successfully complete the ACI performance examination or
B. Possess 3 years (4500 hours) of approved work experience and successfully complete the Alternative Performance Affidavit. The work experience must include placing, consolidation, finishing, edging, jointing, curing, and protection of concrete flatwork. Verification of the amount and range of work experience by the applicant’s employer(s) is required.