WEBINAR - Concrete Pumping 101

The concrete pumping equipment available today is more advanced, reliable, and prolific than ever before. So why can’t I find one that can move this perfect mix I just created?

The factors that can affect concrete pumping are numerous, inter-related, and sometimes hidden, making the predicting of pumpability seem elusive. So how is the construction industry, which is becoming ever more cost conscious and filled with complicated and demanding concrete requirements, to deal with it on a more simplified level?

This presentation will discuss some of the over 50 factors that affect concrete pumping, the basics of how concrete pumping works, how mix designs can be adjusted to accommodate the application’s multiple requirements, and what can be done to help eliminate the jobsite problems that result in a finger pointing exercise and costly downtime.

The presenter will be Jim Bury, Director of Placing Equipment at Conforms.


January 28, 2021 at 9:00 am




There is no charge to attend this webinar.


Attendees will be awarded a certificate of attendance for professional development hours (PDH). MCC is an AIA CES Provider and in some cases AIA credits may be available. Please check to see if AIA credits will be offered.