WEBINAR: Tech Talk Tuesday: ACI 360 - Design of Slabs on Ground

This will be a TWO HOUR webinar. 

There are five commonly used procedures for designing industrial floor slabs. All of them are effective when their recommendations and details are followed. So, how does a designer choose the best method for a particular floor?  The most common approach is to determine the type of floor construction needed for expected loading conditions. Then, from the design procedures, select the most appropriate method for determining floor thickness, reinforcement, joint spacing, and other details.  This presentation will discuss the ACI 360 “Guide to Design of Slabs on Ground”.  It will briefly address the planning, design, and detailing of slabs. Background information on design theories is followed by discussion of the types of slabs, soil-support systems, loadings, and jointing. Some worked design examples for various types of concrete slabs-on-ground will also be covered.

The presenter is Scott Tarr, PE, FACI (North S.Tarr Concrete Consulting).


October 13, 2020 at 12:00 pm




There is no charge to attend this webinar.


Attendees will be awarded a certificate of attendance for two hours. This presentation has also been approved for 2 AIA CES LU's.